Things to stop saying to twin moms.

1. “Oh my gosh! You got two for the price of one.”

I sheepishly smile at you and pretend you are hilariously creative and witty.  Inside I am suppressing the twitch my body has involuntarily started to form from hearing this so many times.

2. “C-Section right? There’s no way it was a natural birth!”

It was a C-Section, but it is none of your god damn business.  You are a stranger. I am sure you would feel uncomfortable talking to a stranger about what has happened to your reproductive organs and vagina in any context.

3. “Do twins naturally run in your family?”

You’re asking me if I had fertility help in a nice way aren’t you? I know this but you are too polite to come out and say it, yet too ballsy for your own good.

4. “My sister has a friend who has a niece that had twins.”

Or always some variation of this.  Someone always has to say how they obscurely know someone who has had twins. Twin moms really don’t care who you know who has twins. Well almost, we care if it is someone from the list below which I like to call the Holy Trinity (All actual twin moms).

The Holy Trinity of Twin Moms:

In the name of the….

Mother: Jennifer Lopez

Daughter: Sarah Jessica Parker

and the Holy Spirit: Angelina Jolie

We pray for Julia Roberts our Bishop and Ricky Martin our Pope


With that said being a twin mom is something that only few of us gain rite to. Bring on the bullshit chit-chat because having these two are the best!





  1. Darren P · January 5, 2015

    “Two, for the price of one” is the biggest. I absolutely hate to hear it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mimsywalke · March 27, 2015

    The two-fer comment has raised my stabbiness level stratospherically. As has, “You’ve got your hands full!”



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